What does a day in your world look like?

I start each morning by leading our daily stand-up with the development squad, setting the day up correctly, and ensuring everyone is on course to reach the sprint goals. I’ll then spend time managing the product backlog, ensuring that work flows efficiently through the development cycle, and clearing the path of any blockers or challenges the squad raise.

During the day, I’ll be touching base with various teams across the business to discuss new and existing initiatives to help build out the short and long-term product roadmaps. Some days I’ll be on hand to approve demos on work completed and refine new requirements with the team, setting up a healthy backlog for future sprints.

Towards the end of the day, you might find me head down in a Miro board, exploring strategic opportunities – whether that’s digging into customer or product data, capturing feedback from clients, partners or teams, or assessing any shifts or trends in the market that can help inform our strategies.

What do you most enjoy about working here?

The people make Ello a great place to work, and I’ve been lucky enough to be part of multiple departments during my 7 years with the business. From Operations, Partnerships, Commercial, and Product – I’ve felt a great sense of family and friendship in all of them.

As well, I’d say somewhat paving my own career path, and having the variety of opportunities I’ve had at Ello has kept things really interesting. I’m in a progressive and rewarding role that really suits me and matches what I’m passionate about.

What have been your standout moments since you started?

The successful launch of our newest product Coffee Club has been the standout moment of my time at Ello so far, leading the team and product delivery, from ideation, discovery, and development, all the way through to launch. The buy-in and determination from the entire business to achieve this goal in 7 months made it one of the most rewarding.

Other standout moments include launching the Meerkat Meals dining proposition, leading the team to 4000 partner restaurants, and supporting the delivery and collection product launch when Covid-19 struck, where we quickly pivoted and offered a new, relevant proposition to our customer base in just a few months.

What do you really find interesting about the industry at the moment?

I’m mostly intrigued by the industry’s recovery period after a tough year regaining some sense of normality post-pandemic. Staying ahead of the curve interests me – evolving our products and brands in line with how the industry moves and people’s expectations shift. We know that what people want and need has changed since the pandemic, and they’re seeking authentic brands they can believe in and trust again. Being central to how our products and brands diversify and evolve over this recovery period is something I’m really looking forward to.

What do you like to get up to in your spare time?

Being outdoors or taking a road trip away to the middle of nowhere is my idea of the perfect day off, hiking up the peaks, exploring new places and taking in the sights with my partner and our dog Hugo. Outside of that, if I’m not playing football, I’m most likely watching it.

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