How have you found your first few months?


Coming from a company where everything seems to be siloed and there is little support or guidance to working for Ello Group has stuck a fire under my …feet.

I am challenged daily, but with support of not only my team, but the wider business, I have been able to push my skills, I feel like I am learning something new every day.

We succeed and stumble together as a team.

Thankfully it’s more success so far, but it is such an amazing feeling to know that my PO, Team and Manager have my back.

What does a day in your world look like?

I attend the daily “Stand Up” call with the team and give my update on what I am working on or have completed the day before, I thought this would be quite overbearing, but it’s the opposite. If I am facing any blockers this is a great place to ask for guidance/assistance without feeling like I am intruding on someone’s day.

Once the Stand up is over, it’s onto my assigned tickets. I am given plenty of time to work on the BAU business requirements as well as time to look at improvements from a Sales Operations Analyst point of view.

I will have calls and meetings throughout the day, which we are encouraged to make relevant, even drop out of a call if you are no longer needed – no more sitting in a call that you don’t need to be in!

If it’s a day in one of the Offices it is pretty much the same, but the meetings are face to face and quite often “walk and talk” meetings, which are great for the ole’ mental health, you should try it!

Also helping any of the “Users” with any ad-hoc issues they may have, as and where I can.

What do you most enjoy about working here?

It’s 50/50 between the actual work and the culture. I wanted a role that pushed me and I found that here for sure.

Couple this with the sense of community, really is a breath of fresh air. The work is varied and complex enough to keep me constantly engaged, and being able to question pretty much anyone in the business if I don’t understand something is fantastic, just an open and honest set of folks, that have welcomed and support me personally and professionally.

What have been your standout moments since you started?

Presenting at the monthly business wide huddle after only 6 weeks!

It was only one slide and I was nervous, as I didn’t fully understand all the details at the time, but the feedback from multiple members of the business (not just my own team) was just lovely.

I also won “Legend of the Month” for my dedication and tenacity in resolving a problem. That along with an Email from the CEO to say thank you was a very unexpected, but welcome pat on the head. Having such a wide array of people acknowledge my efforts and work is very uplifting.

What do you like to get up to in your spare time?

I spend most of my spare time with my dog (14 year old Chocolate Labrador – Jaeger) or as most people are bored of hearing by now, recording and editing videos for my Leather Craft tutorials channel on YouTube. *don’t forget to like, subscribe and hit that bell icon to be notified when new videos go live*

Moving over to Ello Group has been one of the best decisions I have made, the team here are all focused on achieving the same exceptional goals and work together to get there. When things do go wrong, as all things do from time to time, the “All hands on Deck” attitude is astounding. I am very glad to have made this step out of my comfort zone into… well an even more comfortable, supportive, and just outright lovely place.