Whether they’re Marvel mad, dotty about Disney or arthouse critics, as Vue Entertainment’s exclusive partner, we produce bespoke cinema incentives that make your customers the star of the show.

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Your customers or employees will have more money in their pocket to splash on their favourite cinema snacks with up to 45% off box office pricing.

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There’s 90 state-of-the-art cinemas across the UK and Ireland, so they’ll never be too far away from watching the latest releases in the best spots.

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Our mobile-optimised website guarantees a quick and convenient user experience. 

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Days out & attractions.

We make days out a whole load more exciting. Let your customers discover a range of days out and activities 365 days a year, from underwater aquarium exploration to fun-packed family trips to the UK’s top theme parks.

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Movie rentals.

If you’re searching for a way to treat your employees with a movie on you or want to merge the latest flicks into your existing loyalty programme, then look no further. As Rakuten TV’s partner, we make rewarding your people with movie rental e-codes easy. 

As we're RakutenTV's preferred UK partner, we guarantee the lowest price when it comes to movie rentals.

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Our simple e-code redemption journey keeps things nice and easy for your customers and employees. 

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