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Serving the deepest discount at 1000s of coffee shops nationwide.

Whether you're rewarding your loyal employees, keeping customers engaged, or acquiring fresh faces, think Coffee Club. It's the perfect reward that keeps money in people's pockets by serving delicious barista-made discounts at thousands of coffee shops nationwide.

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Coffee Club for customers and employees.

We’ve used our clever in-house tech to reward people with an app-first approach – be it through the Coffee Club app or plugged into your own. It connects coffee-lovers with thousands of independent and branded coffee spots across the UK. It’s a genuinely relevant reward. Coffee houses are more than a just place to relax with a hot drink. From the older generation choosing a coffee brunch to students finding an afternoon hangout, their popularity is on the up, with 5% market growth recorded each year. There’s never been a better time to reward people with Coffee Club.
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It’s the greatest saving in the market – 25% off barista-made drinks.

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It’s the biggest coffee club in the UK, with 1000s of coffee shops available nationwide.

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If your customers or employees buy just one coffee a day on weekdays with Coffee Club, they can save £3.45 each week – that’s a tasty £179 per year.

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With our mix of quirky independents and big-name chains, we guarantee there's a spot that each of your customers or employees will enjoy.

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Grow your coffee shop with Ello.

Not only does Coffee Club reward consumers, but it also brings floods of new customers to all our partner's coffee houses. It doesn't get better than that. Just look at some of the stats.

The UK recorded the biggest growth of coffee outlets in Europe ​pre-lockdown​, with a staggering 34.7 million people visiting cafes in the same year. ​

A whopping £4.5bn is expected to be spent in coffee chains by 2024.

According to the International Coffee Organisation, UK customers spend more on coffee than any other European country.

1 in 6 customers still head to their local café to get their caffeine fix – partnering with us will give you a bigger slice of the pie.

Join 3,000+ businesses already partnering with Ello.